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There are many things to consider when planning an online store.

There are so many options and so many web design agencies - how do you know what is right for you?

Here are some points you should be considering when making your decision.

Working on your bespoke solution
80/20 Rule Mug

80/20 Rule

Off-the-shelf software rarely does everything you require. All businesses work differently and more often than not off-the-shelf software provides only 80% of what you need, leaving you with 20% to solve yourself, which means compromise.

At the same time, off-the-shelf software has so many options to cater for all the different usage scenarios, that you end up only using 20% of what it can do. The remaining 80% is still there, getting in your way and causing confusion.

Bespoke solutions are built to provide you with EXACTLY what you need, nothing more, nothing less, and they still benefit from re-using existing modular components, so you’re not starting from scratch.

Why use Lunar?

Lunar was born out of the frustration of other systems. We wanted to offer our clients something that allowed us to build exactly what they needed, without it taking an excessive amount of time.

Older solutions, such as Magento, which many consider “Bloatware” have millions of lines of code, which slow the system down. This added complexity makes even simple updates difficult and time consuming.

More modern SaaS solutions, such as Shopify, provide a good solution, but when you want to push it harder you end up with lots of add-ons from multiple vendors.

This means ultimately you do NOT own any of the code - want to move provider? You’ll have to start again. And do you really want your solution hosted all over the place?

Lunar is a modern approach to e-commerce. It suits a microservice architecture, is simple, easily extended and most importantly fast. And it’s open source, meaning you’re not locked into any vendor. In terms of hosting, you can benefit from our auto-scaling hosting, or source your own suitable hosting.

Design and User Experience

Themes are often seen as a quick and cheap way to get a website up and running. If you have experienced WordPress sites, you’ll know what we mean.

But themes mean compromise. They were designed from the outset as a generic solution. Modifying a theme will never give the same result as a truly bespoke design which has taken into consideration your user’s requirements and your goals from the offset.

We create designs and user experiences off the back of Information Architecture. We make good re-use of our existing user interface components. And we ensure your website does the best job it can - which is what you’d expect, isn’t it

Drawn wireframes

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