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NEON is a team of expert developers, with its head quarters based in Maldon, Essex, we provide solutions to businesses all over the UK.

We’ve been designing and building bespoke e-commerce sites for 20 years – giving us a wealth of experience, a depth of technical know-how and a breadth of clients that few can match.

We think we’re easy to do business with, and more importantly, so do our long-term clients. We are very proud of our track record.


Work with the experts

While working with NEON you can rest assured that you are working with the e-commerce experts.

With over 20 years of experience developing e-commerce sites, very few companies can match our level of experience and expertise. We continually refine how we work, ensuring every project is developed to extremely high standards to meet customer's requirements.

When we couldn’t find an e-commerce platform to satisfy all of our needs, we built our own called Lunar. Lunar now provides the underlying code for most of the e-commerce sites we build. This enables us to develop bespoke solutions faster and focus on the other aspects that make each project unique.

Long Term Relationships

Once we have created a solution for our clients we then work hard to support them.

We have a very high customer retention rate with 99% of customers staying with us, we believe this is a testament to our level of expertise and also how easy we are to work with. These long term relationships mean we can develop and refine our solutions as our clients businesses grow and develop.

We like complexity & big problems to solve

There are tonnes of web designers out there who do a fantastic job of making sites look great. But ask them to delve a bit deeper, and they start getting twitchy. We’re the opposite. When we need to get coding, to solve a challenge, integrate something new or build bespoke functionality, that’s when we roll our sleeves up, order pizzas in and the fun starts.

Of course, we make things look great too – because that’s vital to the user experience and making the site, or application, a success. In fact, the design and UI is where we start – even where that’s complex too.

We're picky about who work with

We’ll be honest; if you’re looking for a five-page website that tells the world what you do, we are not the right agency for you. We excel at creating large sites, driven by Lunar and integrating with back-office solutions. We build apps and e-commerce platforms that help refine your processes and your increase your margins.

To achieve this, we are picky about the technologies we use. We primarily develop in PHP (Laravel in particular), because that gives us the flexibility and resilience we believe our client's projects need.

We partner with the best payment providers and cloud platforms – not necessarily the most widely available. We have looked at plenty of service providers and we always select the ones that work best for each job.

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