E-Commerce Development

Getting your customer experience right is the key to success.

Whether it's encouraging customers to linger and browse, simplifying the path to purchase or offering timely add-ons and little extras – or a combination of all three – the whole experience is crucial to making the store attractive and profitable.

The same principles apply to e-commerce, our expertise lies in helping you create the optimal experience for your customers. Using off-the-shelf solutions means a compromise on flair and functionality. Instead, we create solutions that match the specific requirements of both your business and customers.

Information Architecture
We create sites that fit the exact requirements of your business and your customers

Our Process

Discovery meeting with you
Proposal & signed contract
Kick-start meeting for the NEON team
Information architecture Planning your site
Visual designs Getting creative
Store configuration
Custom templates
Custom app development
Content population Adding website content
Client review & snagging
Go-Live deployment
Warranty period
On-going support & maintenance retainer

Focused on customer experience

Starting with a robust process of mapping customer journeys, we can create an information architecture that guides customers in the right way – and makes it easy for them to buy.

We build on this information architecture with a visual design that reflects your brand and showcases your products. That may mean adding 3D visuals, functionality to ‘try on’ clothing and accessories or adding compelling content that highlights specific features.

We always focus on responsive design for different devices – ensuring your website looks amazing and works as well on mobiles and tablets as it does on laptops.

Wireframe sketch

Quick & Reliable

Once your new website is live we make sure it is consistently quick to load. A few seconds delay is all it will take to put off your customers and send them to your competitors.

Your website needs to perform quickly at all times. If you have a sudden influx of customers due to a promotion or marketing exposure, the last thing you want is for the site to slow down.

A mixture of our highly efficient development and our auto-scaling hosting ensures that your website is always up and performing at its best.

Payment Processing

Experience has taught us that even something as simple as payment processing can be unique to each customer. You may need us to use a specific system or require guidance to the best payment processing providers to suit your needs.

You may want to give your customers credit accounts, trade credit terms, or allow them to spread payments using finance options. Your business may offer subscriptions or offline payments, you may need a specific mixture of these payment options. Whatever you need, NEON can provide the required expertise and help create the perfect solution.

Streamlined & Effective Checkout Process

Businesses lose up to 69.23% of sales due to customers abandoning the checkout process, so a good checkout process is critical in the customer journey.

Using best practice and drawing on our 20 years experience, we develop streamlined, easy to use, clean checkout processes to ensure maximum conversions.

We can look to increase average order values by making sure customers can find everything they need. Displaying relevant products on the basket page and during the checkout process means we can secure additional sales.


Selling online often demands you can sell to customers abroad or those that speak a different language. Ensuring that your e-commerce store is capable of handling multiple currencies, international taxes and language translations is a key consideration to futureproofing your online store.


For many businesses shipping can present a big headache, there are so many things to consider.

You may ship internationally with packages of all shapes, sizes and weights. This can make shipping challenging, especially if you add selective free shipping into the mix.

You can relax knowing that NEON can handle highly complex shipping matrixes, making the shipping selection easy for your customers and for your fulfilment staff to process.

Do you need to use a range of shipping providers? No problem, we can integrate with most shipping providers.

Systems Integration

We understand that your e-commerce site is just a part of your whole business system. You might need to integrate with your PIM, CMS, ERP, AMS, CRM, stock control, accounting software, marketing systems, order processing or fulfillment system!

Whatever systems you need to integrate with and however you need them to work together, we can ensure it all works seamlessly whilst ensuring the most secure and efficient set-up.

Marketing & Promotions

Marketing is critical to any online store's success, so all of our solutions are built with your marketing needs in mind. From custom landing pages, to ensuring that the technical SEO is taken care of. All of our developments can generate product feeds for Amazon, Google shopping, Instagram & Facebook marketplaces, so you can extend your reach even further.

We also make sure that you can create all discounts and promotions on the website too, following any rulesets you require.

Built with Lunar
Integrated with your preferred tools

Once you’ve approved the look and feel, we progress to build – using Lunar, the open-source e-commerce platform we created.

Lunar accelerates development and integrates smoothly with a range of back-end systems from stock control to managing deliveries: all essential to the overall customer experience.

We incorporate essential tools such as search (with machine learning to improve the accuracy of results), social feeds and full payment integration. We are experienced working with a range of payment providers including Sage Pay, PayPal and Braintree.

All websites we develop are fully GDPR compliant, we insist on rigorous QA and testing to ensure every stage of the customer buying process is working exactly the way it should be before we go live. Thanks to the underlying Content Management System (CMS), it’s easy to update content, add new products and maintain the site once it’s live.


Keeping Your Site Online

Read about how we utilise the latest technology to scale hosting on demand.

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