Superfast, Auto-Scaling Hosting

Keeping your store online is crucial to your business.

You cannot afford to be spending money on paid advertising and have that traffic find your site is offline. And you certainly don't want to be losing orders due to a slow website frustrating visitors. Your business is reliant on a consistent revenue stream, so we make sure your hosting can handle the demand.

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1. Cost effective

With traditional hosting you need your servers to be ready to handle traffic and website requests constantly. So you are paying for your server to be live, even when no one is even using your site. Alternatively serverless hosting works so that you only pay for what you use. When the site is not being used, you’re not charged for that time, making it a very cost effective way to host your e-commerce site.

2. Auto-Scaling

As more traffic hits your site and as its need more power / resources the hosting will auto scale to meet the demand. This ensures that the site doesn’t slow down, but also that you never run out of resources such as processor power or disc space. So regardless of how big your site gets, no matter how much traffic hits your site, the hosting will scale to match.

3. Lightning fast

Our hosting solutions are optimised for performance, so that all requests are dealt with promptly. Through good use of caching, CDN's, and other shiny tech, we've got you covered.

4. More reliable

Your website isn't hosted on one single server. In fact, it's not even hosted on two, or three servers! The cloud computing infrastructure distributes your hosting across many resources, so things keep running.

5. GDPR Compliant

Our hosting is built upon leading cloud computing providers, such as Amazon Web Services (AWS). All data is secure in transit and at rest, to put your GDPR worries at ease.

Supporting Your Business

NEON provides support and maintenance options to keep your business running smoothly.

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